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Grant Opportunities

Experts tell us we are living in a digital age, and learning digitally is the main thrust in the world of education. Because of this, all students must have access to high-quality digital learning opportunities. These educational necessities might seem out of reach, but with the below opportunities, the acquisition of digital learning materials is more realistic. The following information about grants can help satisfy the need for digital technologies in the classroom.

Pitsco/Hearlihy/FTE Grant

The grant is for K-12 technology and engineering teachers. Its purpose is to recognize and encourage the integration of a quality technology and engineering education program within the school curriculum.

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

This foundation is primarily concerned with innovative instruction models and also has a strong attraction for meeting the needs of underserved students. The deadline for applications is November 1.

Frey Foundation

Frey supports math programs based on self-sufficiency that lead children to handle the challenges they will face in life.

Hershey Foundation

The Hershey Foundation helps schools and other nonprofit organizations develop and implement innovative programs that make the future brighter for children by enhancing learning, increasing exposure to other cultures and ideas, and encouraging the development of independent thinking and problem-solving skills.

Pitsco Education

The mission is to aid religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational uses.

Teacher’s Pet

Grant tip geared specifically toward teachers’ smaller projects.

Education Blueprints Association

The Education Blueprints Association provides learning resources that deliver education solutions for individuals, teachers, and students. They provide programs that engage students/learners, as well as learning tools and courses that challenge learners to achieve excellence in education and life. By providing resources and programs for teachers, Education Blueprints Association aims to increase students’ skills through transformative-learning experiences.

LEGO® Education Workshop Grant

This grant program, offered by EBA, is available to help fund teachers using LEGO® Education products to facilitate hands-on workshops at national, state, or regional conferences or events by reimbursing qualified facilitators for expenses.

LEGO Education Showcase Grant

The LEGO Education Showcase Grant Program, offered by EBA, is available to current LEGO Education customers who want to showcase their investment in the LEGO Education System for Learning through a hands-on community activity.

For more information about underwriting for LEGO Education products, visit Grant Opportunities or call 800-362-4308.

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